klog issue tracking that works on a submarine!

klog is designed to be a distributed issue tracking tool. as such, it should integrate with any distributed version control system. I use git, but klog is vcs agnostic - simply track the issue files along with your code!

Get the code!


klog is currently a node.js app, written in javascript (actually coffee-script) and is available via npm.

it is worth putting the `-g` on there so the binary (`klog`) becomes available after install!

Basic usage

klog is designed to make your issue tracking easier by having a simple command line interface

there is a proof-of-method imlementation of a web interface, fancy one coming soon!

Issue tracking

files are stored as plain text files, with a filename (bug id) which uses a hash based on the exact time the issue was raised (millisecond precision) and the author's email address. these firstbits become the UID of the issue, preventing colision with other issues being raised by other developers at the same time.

by keeping all the issues with the git repo, it becomes a great offline tool for managing a project. any developer who has the repo, also has the tools needed to track progress, pick a task to work on, and read the rationale behind chages to the code. this feature is also great for archiving projects, with the confidence that all the related discussion and material is all in one place!